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Emersion in Spirit Meditations

Oct-Nov Class

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Awareness, Choice, Freedom and Empowerment
in Joy, Amusement, and Safety

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of
consciousness we were at when we created them." -- after Albert Einstein

Wake up to Spiritual Embodiment. You are more than a body-brain.
Develop spiritual awareness. From clear awareness flows true choice.
Explore and integrate your body, emotions, mind and spirit.
Resolve internal resistance and judgement. Live harmoniously.
Reclaim physical/emotional/mental freedom.
Co-create your life consciously from your Heart and Soul.

           Start with First Steps,
                          deepen with Explorations,
                                         or embarq on a Soul Journey.

Setting Sacred Space, opening to Spirit, we go on a journey of exploration and growth. I hold a powerful safe space, while opening a gateway into Spirit. I serve as guide, but Truth will unfold from within you, in co-creation with your Soul.

You are a living process moving to wholeness and joy. Your soul already knows who you are and where you are going. Together we will explore and manifest this for you.

I wanted to thank you from my heart and soul for always being a "safe place to land" for me. Your energy is always pushing me outside of my boundaries but also always providing a sense of safety... C.G. - Evergreen CO

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